About Us

Hello there, my name is Rhett Downing and I'm the founder of Egg Thief Creations. I'm currently a Texas Tech master's student on my way toward a PhD. One day before an undergrad class of mine I was admiring a newly bought graphic tee when a fleeting realization struck me: Since I love graphic tees so much, why don't I make some of my own? And viola, here we are! Although it's not my major or minor, I also love paleontology and enjoy the idea of how the Oviraptor or "Egg Thief" had its name created. That being said, I dedicated my brand after it in hopes to create something fresh, new, and noteworthy. 

Aside from crafting this brand, I've also written and self-published three novels, The Devil's Hideaway, The Devil's Sanctumand Crocodile Tears; I have two more coming out in the near future too! I've also directed two short films, Can't Live Without Me and Nox Terrorem, and hosted a podcast called "Tito's Table Talk." If you'd like to check any of that snazzy stuff out, head to rhettdowning.com! For any inquiries, design ideas, and/or business proposals, please contact info@eggthiefcreations.com.